Welcome to Webtasm. Please pardon the mess while I upgrade this site.

Webtasm Pricing: $45 per hour!!! You won't find a qualified webmaster who will work for less, I am sure!

People love to ask me, "How much do you get for a website?" I would love to say, "How long is a piece of string?" There are so many variables to determine the cost of a website! It depends upon what format you would like to use, whether you require a database or store or is it just a simple posterboard website to put your shingle out there? What type of hosting will we need, and how many domain names will you require? How many products do you wish to sell online? How many pages would you like and what would you like on those pages? Do you need to blog? Would you like Search Engine Optimization (greatly recommended!)? How about an animated cursor? Video? Music? Animations? Forms? ...lets' talk!

Bottom line on pricing is a free consultation can give me the information I need to give you an estimate. Estimates are not binding, due to the fact that as your site grows, you will invariably want to make many changes. Mind-changes do cost, and extras are not free.

I can give you some idea of the cost for your original concept and we can build it from there.

Pay-as-you-go IS an option! I will build your site in increments according to your budget.

I am in the process of creating a portfolio with quoted prices on sites I have done in the past.

Paid referrals will get you a discount on future purchases! If you send a friend I will give you a discount off your future needs!