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Ski Season has come to an early end this year, so it's time to dust off the Roubaix and start losing some bear fat. The weather is perfect to start riding around the lake once a day and build from there. I hope I have too much work for client's websites this season to get too involved with riding, but I'm really not sure just how much I mean that...

Since I got my first bike, a direct-drive bike with no training wheels, with wheels about 8 inches in diameter and no brakes when I was six, I have been a cycling maniac. I used to borrow a "bicycle built for two" and ride ten miles to my girlfriends' house in high school, before the word "tandem" became common. Okay, maybe that was just because of the girl, but nowadays I ride from 1500-2000 miles each season, mostly at high altitude and with many hills, difficult roads, and obstacles like fallen rocks and bad weather.

I've been cycling Big Bear for 10 years, now, and yes! There are more bikes out there! I would like to thank the drivers of the valley for their respect and sharing the road and send out a reminder to everyone that we're out there, around the next bend, so please be careful of us and we will do our best to stay out of your way. (I posted this on a cycling enthusiast's site, name coming later).

I have joined the Big Bear Cycling Association with my son. They provide comeraderie and a lot of scheduled group rides to participate in. My current favorite is Thursday Evening Time Trials which have helped me learn more about cycling efficiency. They also host educational presentations at Nottingham's in the Village.

Coming to this website will be a huge cycling section of thoughts and ideas to make your rides safer and more fulfilling with sections about traffic safety, equipment, techniques, links to recommended equipment like Specialized and interactive questions and answers via blogs. I hope you will participate in making this section a great resource for cycling enthudiasts, everywhere.

On June 12, 2012, I was made aware by the League of American Bicyclists that there is a Senate bill, the Cardin-Cochran agreement, which allows local governments and school systems to access much-needed funds to for biking and walking projects and programs. This bill passed in March, 2012, but 20 years of gains on biking, walking and Safe Routes to School could be eliminated!

"We can’t let Congress eliminate local control. We need the Senate conferees to stand strong behind their bi-partisan, bike-friendly agreement, and the House to stand down from their attempt to eliminate local access to these federal funds. Please act now, even if you have taken action on this issue already." (quote from e-mail received from League of American Bicyclists) Click Here and fill in your zip code, click "GO"then follow instructions.

I chose to follow the "editable text" link and added the following truth:

I am a 55 year old cyclist who has ridden thousands upon thousands of miles over the years as a cycle-commuter and for recreation and sport. My son is following in my footsteps. He has been hit by 2 vehicles due to unsafe traffic conditions and unaware drivers. Bicycle safety is of primary concern to both of us. We support any initiatives or actions that bring cycling safety forward and make us and others who believe there is something better than sitting in traffic and burning fossil fuel safer.

This is a picture of myself with my girlfriend, Lorie, and my son after I rode in a local Big Bear race a couple of years ago on my (then) new bike. Cody would have participated, but a few days before, while training with me, he was hit by a careless driver on a forest road and punctured a lung, among other injuries, and could not ride the race. Please vote "Yes" on anything that comes across your desk that will improve bicycle safety.

Thank You, Christian, Lorie, and Cody