Big Bear Browser is Coming Back!

Big Bear Browser is Coming Back!
Big Bear Browser is Coming Back!

24 May, 2017

My website was pirated, but I have just recovered it and begun to rebuild.

Being a devout pack-rat and severe hoarder, I have acquired a lot of “stuff” over the years. I tried yard sales, Craigslist, EBay, and every other method I could think of, and it’s really hard to clean out the garage that way; too much time and effort! Shipping Costs, Packaging, Postal Trips and long lines, PayPal and Credit Card fees… Wow! Just a big pain in the backside, and not worth the effort.

I started Big Bear Yard Sale on Facebook, thinking this might work, but with those scrolling pages your ad gets lost within minutes, and what shopper wants to spend all day scrolling to find who knows what?

There are no viable Classified ads for this area on the internet, and the printed weekly or Grizzly ads are SOOO Expensive! A picture is worth a thousand words and printed ads don’t show anything.

So I got this idea…

What if I created an organized, Classified Ad website that costs you, the customer, almost nothing to place an ad with gorgeous pictures, videos (coming soon) and reasonable text? And all at a silly, low price?

This is a WordPress website that I have just begun to create. Watch this one grow!

Come back often to check progress.


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