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Webtasm enjoys using Adobe Creative Cloud for designing websites and a plethora of other exciting computer related ventures. See if any of the links to the left are of interest to you.

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Webtasm is always very busy creating and updating websites for established clients and studying to keep up with this ever-growing technology, but there is always time to serve new clients, such as yourself or your company.

Current and most recent projects are shown below:

  • BigBearBrowser


    Being a devout pack-rat and severe hoarder, I have acquired a lot of “stuff” over the years. I tried yard sales, Craigslist, EBay, and every other method I could think of, and it’s really hard to clean out the garage that way; too much time and effort! Shipping Costs, Packaging, Postal Trips and long lines, PayPal and Credit Card fees… Wow! Just a big pain in the backside, and not worth the effort.

    I started Big Bear Yard Sale on Facebook, thinking this might work, but with those scrolling pages your ad gets lost within minutes, and what shopper wants to spend all day scrolling to find who knows what?

    There are no viable Classified ads for this area on the internet, and the printed weekly or Grizzly ads are SOOO Expensive! A picture is worth a thousand words and printed ads don’t show anything.

    So I got this idea…

    What if I created an organized, Classified Ad website that costs you, the customer, almost nothing to place an ad with gorgeous pictures, videos (coming soon) and reasonable text? And all at a silly, low price?

    This is a WordPress website that I have just begun to create. Watch this one grow!

  • LizBoltonStables


    While in a ski lesson, one of my Ski Students, Liz Bolton, discussed the need to update her website and off we went!

    This is a WordPress website that I am keeping up to date as I get information from the Stables, and am also working on some bigger changes.

  • Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Company

    Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Shop - Current Revision

    I am quite the connoisseur of great coffee, being totally addicted, myself. Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Company was recently sold, and the new owner has chosen to make his own website. His loss, I'd say! You cannot order coffee from this linked website; it is simply an example of my work. Click Here to order coffe from the current website.

    This website went through a few transitions to get to this state. The concept for this site was given to me as a .jpg and I made it come alive on the internet, with two additional pages, one for contact and one to order directly from the site or download a printable form to order by mail.

    Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Shop - Previous Version

    This previous design was already on the net when I met Michelle but it was dysfuntional and out of date, so when she moved to Big Bear Boulevard she asked me to make it current and functional. It was originally done in PhotoShop and now it is more wisely designed in Dreamweaver, cutting page load times so you can't even sip your coffee while you wait.

    If only I could demonstrate, online, the rich aroma of exotic coffees that permeates the air as you drive by! So don't drive by, go in and have a sample while you choose your beans. You can also order by phone or postal from the online menu, also in Adobe .pdf format.

  • RentOurHavasuHouse

    O'Kelly Services

    My friends, the Carsons, have a nice house in Lake Havasu. We got together and created a small website to advertise that their house is available to rent.

    They supplied the pictures and text and I designed and host the site. This site is very basic, yet it is still appealing.

  • Advanced Benefit Consulting


    Advanced Benefit Consulting is an employee benefit consulting firm and health insurance agency. Their website had been a database (WordPress) site with Content Management but was in major overload. The pages would only partially open and things weren't working well. The hosting company would not let me download the site database, so I had to download each page, individually. Within days after I finished downloading all the pages the server went down and out of business with no response to my cries for help. I uploaded the site and began hosting the site in simpler format and making improvements to the look and feel and functionality of the site. It is a framed site that has password protected areas which are client specific.

    After the site was completed, the owner was required to use HIPAA hosting, which I do not provide. The thumbnail on the left is how it looked when I left it. Clicking on it will reveal that it is pretty much the same as I designed it, except the lengthy updates above the original picture of Big Bear Lake.